About Galway Speeders

Galway Speeders offers and Promotes Sports for Children and Young Adults with a Physical Disability in Galway City and County

Galway Speeders was launched officially in November 2011 by parents and local volunteers.  Galway Speeders is a multi-sports club offering sporting opportunities to children and young adults with a physical disability from as young as six years old up to young adults. Children with a physical disability in Galway now have the opportunity to compete at sporting events and meet other children around the country.

Galway Speeders is affiliated to the Irish Wheelchair Association Sport and we also work closely with Enable Ireland, Galway.

It can be difficult for children with a physical disability to participate in mainstream sports so we choose are sports carefully and adapt to the changing needs of our members.

Our sports include Swimming, Wheelchair Basketball, Powerchair Soccer, Table Tennis, Athletics, Boccia, Cycling, Wheelchair Hurling, Sailing (with GBSC), Karate (with West Karate Club) and other occasional sports and activities.

Of course,  we could not do any of this without the support of local sport clubs and our Volunteers.

When our club was formed, we were focussed on participation, but over the years many of our members have gone on to compete in National and International events in a range of sports. Support from National Governing Bodies and local clubs is critical to the development and viability of our club and to ensure opportunities are available for members at a participation level and also for those who want to compete competitively at National and International events.

Participation in sport is so important for everyone and even more so for people with a disability for their physical and mental wellbeing. Meeting other people with a disability encourages our members to try different sports and to improve their fitness levels while at the same time providing an opportunity to make friends. Our club also provides a great opportunity for parents to meet and provide support to each other. Many of our members who joined as young children are now experienced teenagers and young adults and still active members of our club.

We have over 50 members many of whom participate in a range of sports and one of our priorities is to continue to grow our membership as with varying disabilities we need a minimum core group for each sport to keep it viable and interesting for our members.

As in all sport, commitment from parents is crucial to ensure children maximise their potential and it is clear from our members that those who attend regularly with their parents volunteering in the club reap the benefits .

For further information contact:

Delia Boyce, Chairperson 087 7971454 or delia.boyce@hotmail.com